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I can feel it
Restlessness inside of me
A thirst for a miracle
Whispering sounds
Echoing as I pray
Something good is coming
Expect it
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His Mysteries

I’ve been to where clouds are born
Where the clouds meet the skies
And seen the giant trees, which line the coastal shores.
I’ve travelled on rivers of glass
Surrounded by mountainous fir tree lands
Walked across empty deserts
To reach the crowded seas
In search of sacred, hidden rocks.

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A Soft Breeze

I thought I was dreaming…
God came to me, and spoke; He whispered in my ear,
“Hush be still.” Then a silence came over me.
This has to be a dream…this is not real….
I saw Him everywhere; in the trees, in the sky, in the beautiful winter’s day…
I heard Him in the crunchy, dry grass, in the pine needles as they tinkled…
I was touched by God,
I felt the gentleness of a soft breeze, which touched my face…
The breeze so close I could taste it…magical.
No, this was no dream,
It was too powerful.
I knew God was here; my heart pounding I could feel His love;
I had been lifted up…filled up.
Look around you God IS here.
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Fire in the Sky

The fire in the sky
Leaping flames slashing its blazing fingers
Throughout God’s land
Destroys all as it spreads.
Smoke brings an end to the light
Of the day,
Covering the summer sun
With darkness.
Untamed winds whipping
Under the flames stirring up sparks
And spreading ash
Across the oceans to unknown lands;
A halt to destruction
As a deluge of rain is sent
To wash it all away
Bringing new growth, new life
A new beginning.
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Just As I Am

The angels have delivered me to you,
Just as I am, me
My journey has been long
I have found you
It’s a miracle, my dreams came true
I am finally with you
Every breath I take, I take for you
I am forever yours
All that I need is you in my life
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Everybody seeks happiness, finding it and keeping it seems difficult to do.
Difficult because we think happiness is wealth and fame, so we search.
But true happiness is kindness; reach out to others, make them smile;
For the happiness you give will return to shine on you…

Originally written 30/10/87
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Let Your Dreams Fly With You

Dreams are like the seeds from flowers;
To dream is to have hope, to dream is to learn.
Seeds need time to grow into beautiful flowers,
They need special care and nurturing…
Without dreams there are no goals.
When you lose your way,
And begin to wonder, “Why me?”
Think of the flower which comes from the seed;
One day you will grow to be that flower.
Let your dreams fly with you…