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I Call Upon God

What it is all about
Why do I feel all alone?
God has left me…
Or so it feels.
As I fall to pieces
I crumble to my knees
With open hands reaching
I call upon God
The struggle is ended.
I have grasped a hold
God has not left me
I am not alone.
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For Grandpa

Grandpa sits,
Waiting, waiting in fear
Unaware of his surroundings,
Nothing recognizable,
He smiles; a familiar face,
A grandchild, gently touches,
Carefully from the heart.
Patiently calming him,
Until he’s at peace.
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To Letting Go

The darkened forest of the night
Still whispers in my mind.
The sound of the night creatures,
The endless cycle of the fast flowing stream
Calling as it overflows and weaves its way
With rhythms of bouncing secrets,
Erupting ghosts of forgotten time;
Holding onto the heart of Mother Nature.
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New Day

I awoke this morning,
And listened…
I could hear soft murmurings
Of the Spirit, as it filled the air and lingered near,
All earthly things became alive, and the soft stillness
Became a brand new day.

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It doesn’t come easy
you might retaliate

Let it come from inside,
Right alongside the hurt.

Share it about;
Don’t hold it in your heart.

Brings the love of our Lord
Into our lives.

Forgiving is unlimited….

Originally written 7/89

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Everyday I grow in faith,
Without you I would not be.
In my dreams I see so much;
I see what makes a person wise.
The joy, the peace,
The love, which creates.
You alone are love,
You alone are everywhere.
Let me never leave You;
Let me go forward
Cheerfully and with love.

Originally written 8/88