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I Seek

Lost in the view
Of the red and orange sunset…
Gazing out to the horizon,
Staring at the sheer stillness of the water
I seek myself; I ask myself
Who am I?
As I search for more.
To seek answers to my questions,
And reaching out thirsting
With my open heart;
Understanding and not struggling,
Not holding back…
Grasping onto love that can move mountains:
God’s love
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A Day

Today, I battled…
Today, I cried.
It was one of my worst days.
I heard critical voices
In my head~
I almost fell down.
I sat and prayed to God;
climbed my way back,
And gave thanks.
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Their Secret

The sky was mysterious~
A tiny burning lamp, carried by small children
Lit up the path of the dark earth…
The glowing light guided the way to unknown secrets
Of the charmed woods….
Not afraid of the darkness they chattered away,
Eyes aglow, searching,
Listening for any bustle, any magic,
Any sign of fantasy creatures….
Passing the crystal waterfall,
Which sprayed diamond bubbles of water
Across their tiny faces,
They sighted the secrets and stopped still
Not afraid; this was their dream…
They giggled amongst themselves
Their secret was theirs
Never to be told….
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I Rejoice In This Moment

I snatched up today
The mist in the morning
A shining sun heating up the golden earth
A diamond day with its beautiful sky
Soft clouds floating softly by
The smell of perfumed flowers
This hour is mine
To think
To pray
To talk to God
Now, with the closing of this day…
I rejoice in this moment

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Listen to your thoughts
Hear the beat of your heart
Free yourself of unhappiness
Make time in your life to live in peace
And breath in the Love
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What Can Be

Life does not have to be
A product of the environment.
It can be a performance
Of peace,
Free of hate.
Life can be musical;
With Christ overflowing.
The environment will change
When we feel God’s love.
Open up to the environment around you;
Save it.