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Called to Bless

We are called to bless
And be blessed.
We do not seek to get even
With others
For unjust suffering.
Resolve the insults and the evil
With blessings;
Demonstrate to our enemies
Our good behaviour,
Seek for Peace, pray for peace.
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Emotions are a part of me.
Expressions free my mind.
Sometimes words come and flow freely,
Other times nothing comes to my mind.
It is certain the more I love something,
The greater my pain will be for losing it.
To lose a family member I would be more affected
Than the loss of a pet.
If one of my children were to die I would grieve more
Than the loss of a friend.
When Jesus died, the grief and suffering that his mother felt
Must have been inconsolable.
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Wait Patiently

Patience is not about giving up ~
Be patient people of God for the Lord is coming.
Prepare for the harvests;
Do not condemn your neighbours,
Praise God and live by faith,
Become closer and nearer ~
Wait patiently…for the Lord is coming.
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Angels In Disguise

I asked a child why he felt so sad,
His words took me by surprise…
He said he needed to kiss an angel,
To dry away his tears~
And a hug to feel loved.
He said he was lost,
And dreamt an angel could help him find his way.

I tried my best to cheer him up, to make him laugh.
As I spoke to him a stillness came over the earth,
A bright light whispered as it shone:
“We need angels in disguise”…
His tears were wiped away;

He was hugged and he was loved.
And most of all, he is saved.

We need angels in disguise;
Gentle hearts who still believe…
Believe in the miracle of faith,
Believe in dreams…
To live each day speaking
And spreading the Word.
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Freedom Is

Freedom is the mountains further than the clouds.
Freedom is the ocean further than the horizon.
Freedom is close to where nature has her way.
Freedom is the sunlight as it filters freely through the day.
When I gaze at the heavens
There are no barriers.
When I breathe in the air I feel freedom.
Freedom is God’s spirit;
The spirit of freedom is in my life.
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To Be Filled

The warm rain sweeps across the city
Evaporating as quickly as it settles.
Our swollen rivers once thick
Were raging freely with an abundance of life-giving water
To quench the thirst of our nation.
I don’t suppose raindrops
Will fill the now dried rivers.
The empty beds of where the water once flowed
Is like a broken heart; empty, longing
To be filled,
To be nourished~
To breathe again.
Raindrops are like small prayers;
No matter how small a drop
Enough of them will
Fill you,
Nourish you~
Enough to breathe again,
To quench our thirst….
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Jayne’s Rainbow

Every colour has a symbolic meaning:

Red, I see anger; for no doubt there will be times of questioning,
And she will be filled with anger.

Yellow is for all the bright times, the fun times
We share together.

Pink, is the very first time I saw her; small, shriveled up
And hot pink screaming with tears.

Green, is my favourite colour. Green could only mean envy;
At some stage in her life she will feel envious of others…

Most of us have experienced this mood, so why would she be any different?
It is a perfectly human feeling.

Purple had me stumped….Purple is regal;
It has to do with God’s love for her.

Blue, instantly reminds me of her eyes;
A most striking feature.

Finally, a colour, which is transparent, describes her perfectly…
The colour is her self. She is unique.

Everyone can think of themselves as a rainbow ~ just try!