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Al Things New

Empty your heart;
Set your spirit free
The Lord God is calling.
Let your ears hear Him,
Let Him hear you….
Rejoice in His word,
Feel the power of His open arms
Reaching out
To carry you forever.
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The Greatest of All

When I was a child young and free
I was overwhelmed with excitement
Of presents, stockings and Christmas feasts.
My only thoughts were completely of Santa Claus,
Sparkling lights and Christmas trees.
I listened to stories, of the first Christmas
And magical tales of elves and fairies;
Of heavenly angels who would come at night
To visit me in my fairytale dreams…
One night a fairy appeared with an angelic voice,
“It’s the time to remember the birth of Jesus, the Son of God.”
And as the soft sound of her wings disappeared
My dreams became reality.
I chose to believe and prayed not for gifts
But the greatest of all: Love.
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When It All Comes Down

My days were once nothing,
A piece of me waited in the darkness
Of the shadows.
My life was lost in the night of the days
Waiting to come alive.
All my hopes and dreams were cast aside;
My heart opened to hear the words,
“I brought your life to life…
Be still, be not afraid, take my hand and follow:
You are not alone in this journey.”
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Let God

To the followers
Who find attractiveness
In their possessions
And utter to their idols
Fearing disappointment
And doubt:
Walk away.
Take the step forward,
Secure yourself in God;
Let the battle begin.
Draw strength
And see the vision
Which waits you.
Do not be beaten ~
Come alive with faith!
Fill your hearts,
Let love;
Let God.
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His Strength

Sometimes I have days
That are misty and monotonous,
I experience a sense of being lost and fatigued.
At the end of these days I still confess
Life is worth living ~ God gives me reason;
He whispers strength for my day.