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In the Mind of Dad

Sometimes I roam
Through my mind
And question my thoughts:
Why do I sit in this jail,
Which has no bars ~
Yet I cannot escape
To freedom which awaits me?

I want to vanish
And seek out my memory,
Which has faded…gone.
All the years of my life,
Stolen by the disease
There is no cure for.

Helplessly, I struggle
And painfully try
To understand,
But with heartache
I surrender.

Please help me;
I do not exist here.
Where are my shoes?
I want to go home.

Where am I…
Who are you…
Who am I?

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I am one of God’s blossoming flowers.
There no longer is an empty space,
My life is filled with happiness.

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Looking Up

God was calling out to me
My battle was over,
The hurt was gone from inside.
I stopped wondering if
God were there at all.
I held my head up high;
I searched the heavens
Looking for a sign…
My hands felt the hand of God
Leading me.

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Who Will Hear?

A woman opens her heart
Remembering all those she has loved
Her whole life long;
Emotional, and not alone in hearing the voice…
Who speaks to those of us who choose to hear?
The voice that brings love to life.

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Carried Off

I watched as Eagles flew about the skies
With outspread wings,
Guiding their way through the softness of wispy clouds
To sit and perch upon a mossy pier.
The water tranquil in the mirrored peaceful lake,
Their reflection staring out at them,
Their faces were those of angels.
My heart filled with calm
As I was lifted onto eagle’s wings ~
Carried off
To a majestic place.

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Perfect Lights

I humbly look up to You
In sheer wonderment,
Staring at the skies both day and night.
The daylight sky decorated with perfect colour;
Vibrant bursts of sunlight
Until the twilight meets the darkness.
What an immeasurable magnificence
When the moon climbs its way,
Spreading its light across the universe
To shine upon the sheep.