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Great and Small

Wild night flowers
Light up the dark skies,
Resembling the light
From a moonbeam…

Gentle music from windchimes
And butterflies’ wings,
Sound out in response
To tiny laughter…

Tiny beings that are
Filled with talent and wit
Breathe in the aroma
Of the warm night air…

Softness of smiles;
The touch of angels
Flood them with the excitement
Of everlasting Peace…

The Spirit lives forever.

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A Lighthouse

A lighthouse stands tall with its symbol of hope,
Single-handedly watching over the ships;
Guiding the light in the direction of smooth waters,
Navigating lost ships away from the rocky shores,
Saving them from destruction and shattering into pieces;
Allowing them to celebrate with brightness,
And be drawn nearer to the Light of all creation.

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New Creation

Yesterday I watched my children grow
From babies to adults…
I watched as loved ones faded from my life.
I saw strangers come and go,
The ever-changing faces in time
I felt the seasons and reasons for life.

Today, with all these wonderfully
Warm memories of love and laughter,
I head on to a new chapter;
“A new creation,” which travels down
Within my spirit, to inhabit deep inside.

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Light of Belief

The Light walked into my life
And filled me…

Washing away my sorrows,
Bridging rainbows of peace and
Harmony to the secret valley
Of belief.

It is where there is no darkness,
No aches of emptiness,
But lights from friendships;
Light from the Spirit.

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I often wonder,
What prompts a person to abuse themselves
With hallucinating drugs?

Are they so alone in feelings of loneliness,
Have they become puzzled with peace,
And have they grown weary?

Is it so they can see
What God has created:
Captivating sunrises,
Blue skies,
Heavenly days,

My heart aches, and tears fall for those
Who abuse themselves and need comfort in drugs…
What God has created
Is enough for me.

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Grow to Life

A Nightingale sings as the light
From the moon shimmers,
Singing its song of peace.
The shadows of the trees stretch out
Their limbs to shelter the tiniest of footprints
As the snow gently falls.
Seeds from the mountains
Are carried gently on their wings,
And into each footprint they are placed,
Waiting for a miracle…
A magic drop of rainbow Water
To grow the seeds to life.


Thanks for the fairy sonnets, Carol…as you know,
A Faery Story is now officially online…Me (editor) : )