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You Are

Many times I reflect, spilling over and marveling
With amazement at all You do,
You are the only Shepherd.
As I follow you
I stare at the stars that are suspended in the heavens,
And with sheer wonderment
I am over-awed with the far horizons of the oceans,
The infinite magnificence of the decorated skies;
Within them You appear,
Within them is Your written word.

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To Be His

Sometimes my world
Crowds in on me
And I feel miniscule.
I want to snatch up my life,
Sever all the barriers,
Which have held me back.
In a moment of distraction
I could fly beyond the crowds,
Head towards a new beginning
Far from the world that crowds me.
Instead, I choose to rejoice
In the dawn of each day
And the closing of each night,
To wait in this life as it is destined
To be…

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It Is God

Can you sense it?
Can you see it?
Can you smell it?
Can you hear it?

It is God, opening a window to our hearts…

At times in the sundown
I will relax upon my deck
And be filled with wonder of the tranquil space…
I’ve watched shooting stars
As they raced across the sky
In the stillness of the nights,
Its breathtaking beauty
Astounds me…

I’ve smelt the air of approaching thunderstorms
And watched the sky come alive
With electric lightning,
Felt the much needed downpour of pounding rain
As it drenches the parched earth…
With the sighting of each rainbow,
Stretching vibrant colours
From beginning to end,
I am reminded each day
How much God cares…

When skies are blue or grey, He walks beside me.

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This Affliction

I could have chosen to given up,
And thrown up my hands to the Lord
Shouting, “I’ve had enough, free me of this illness ~
Give me back, I’m not deserving of this affliction.”

It is with complete acceptance I surrender,
I know I am just a small part of His plan…
He will carry me to safety, He will strengthen me ~
It is my new beginning….

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From the Editor

Without receiving direct permission from Carol to post this, I think I know her well enough to assume that she won’t hunt me down and whip me with a wet noodle if I relate her present trial: her physical condition is unwell. I am confident she will recover, the condition she is suffering under is not life-threatening — but she is experiencing a lot of pain, and it could potentially last a long time. Please pray with us that the illness will be short-lived, and that God will minister to her body, mind and spirit during this time. Thank you so much, and God bless…Cami

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This Journey

I’ve been sitting here pondering
My existence up to this very moment,
Remembering the countless journeys I have ventured.

Many times I did not care if what I did
Was wrong or right…
Each occasion God was patient.

Now each day is a new beginning
Given to me by Him.
I thank God for His forgiveness…

When I look into the eyes of my loved ones
I am reminded of how blessed I am
As I tread my way on this journey.

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Like a Child Again

Tenderly from the skies
Snowflakes fall;
Petite outlines weaving
And dancing throughout the icicles,
Created amongst the winter flowers.
Tinkling music sounds as the gentlest
Breeze silently flutters by,
It takes my breath away…
I am guided back to dreams
Of childhood memories ~
To secret fairy hideaways,
Treasures and warmth,
Magic from time long ago:
Exotic beings and nature,
Crystal waterfalls ~
And the sounds of life
I had forgotten
And was a part of.
So I breathe once more
And learn to be a child again.