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Like a Child Again

Tenderly from the skies
Snowflakes fall;
Petite outlines weaving
And dancing throughout the icicles,
Created amongst the winter flowers.
Tinkling music sounds as the gentlest
Breeze silently flutters by,
It takes my breath away…
I am guided back to dreams
Of childhood memories ~
To secret fairy hideaways,
Treasures and warmth,
Magic from time long ago:
Exotic beings and nature,
Crystal waterfalls ~
And the sounds of life
I had forgotten
And was a part of.
So I breathe once more
And learn to be a child again.


Carol was discovered by another writer, who is honored to share her works with you. In the fullness of time, Carol's musings, some of them written nearly twenty years ago, have emerged. She allows them to be shared with a still seeking and grateful heart.

10 thoughts on “Like a Child Again

  1. Great post. The ending, “and learn to be like a child again” is something that we all need to be mindful of. To come to the Lord as a child; knowing that he is our life. Amen. Thanks for the post.
    Blessings always:

  2. oh carol… i am not a fool…darling i love you…

    dear carol,

    i was singing i don’t know if the lyrics went right.

    i am so happy to let you know that you are my first visitor who also owned a pug. aside from my sis and her son jashkah, who, in one way or another i have convinced to buy a pug,who also lives down under (top end actually).they are so happy to have their IKKI and wouldn’t exchange it for anything…it’s the pug’s expression that…

    i’ll be visiting you often and bookmark your blog along others.
    well, am also a great fan of poets like you and margie.

    c yah…

  3. Hi, Timbob thanks for your comments….

    Shnaggy, Hi…yes the lyrics are correct except I think it is “but” instead of “not”, a Neil Sedaka Song from way back… my mum used to sing it to me all the time, mostly when I wasn’t too happy , it would make us both laugh; I know it word for word…:) thanks for bookmarking me..

    I have many mischievious stories about our little pug….as I suppose you do too.

  4. Absolutely magical … within the beauty of your dreams you have expressed words of a child at heart but full of wisdom.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely poem.
    Have a wonderful weekend. :o)

  5. oh yes…they are a mischief…and they are so adorable. my kookie is my treasure.

    if it’s ok with you, i would like to ask a pix of you and your pug to put in my blog? but i know i am asking too much…

    my other pug, wally, was also three years old when he died. so i know how big a three yr old pug was so sad for me and all my family and all the way to oz. we were having long distance call to let my sis and her family know…
    it was not over reacting. it was because wally was indeed part of the family and my sis and her son met him while on holiday here in ph. and five months later my hub bought me my kookie, my second puggy.


  6. Hi, Trinity, thankyou for your lovely comments..Hope you are enjoyong your weekend too..

    Rajeev, thanks for dropping by….

    and Shnaggy some pics of Beatie are on their way…

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