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This Affliction

I could have chosen to given up,
And thrown up my hands to the Lord
Shouting, “I’ve had enough, free me of this illness ~
Give me back, I’m not deserving of this affliction.”

It is with complete acceptance I surrender,
I know I am just a small part of His plan…
He will carry me to safety, He will strengthen me ~
It is my new beginning….


Carol was discovered by another writer, who is honored to share her works with you. In the fullness of time, Carol's musings, some of them written nearly twenty years ago, have emerged. She allows them to be shared with a still seeking and grateful heart.

12 thoughts on “This Affliction

  1. hi carol,

    now you have taken time to blog…have lots of rest ok?

    i will always keep u in my prayers…

    “people don’t fall because they are weak, but because they think they are strong.” — jewish saying

  2. Carol just sent me the Jewish saying you included, Shnaggy, and she elaborated her thoughts from a theologically true standpoint…it really touched her…and I will say that I agree whole-heartedly; I have always said that I, as a believer, am weak, and my brother, an unbeliever, is strong. I am too weak not to recognize my need for God, and my brother is too strong in himself to recognize his need. Now, his life has evidences of completely falling apart and mine doesn’t–that’s because “when I am weak He is made strong.” God holds me together!

    Carol sent me a few musings, some written before her illness. I post them and name them, so I agree with you, let’s not let her overdo it!

  3. Hi, to Timbob, Schnaggy and Cami,

    I just wanted to pop on and thankyou for you prayers…

    Shnaggy, the quote you wrote really touched me and as Cami, said I sent her my thoughts on your quote….I think the words you posted were about my health, meaning that often someone may think they have recovered from an illness just because they start to feel much stronger in them selves.However, when they start to feel better they get into doing too much and have a relapse…I really appreciate you remindiing me of this and letting me know to take it easy and not to rush things……

    However these words just kept plaguing me,they meant so much more than recovering from an illness…it reminded me of Paul who begged God to take away his weakness, three times he asked and God answered him with “My grace is enough for you…my power is perfect in weakness”…(words to this effect.)…

    It was kind of funny this post “This Affliction” how it was posted in the first place.. I had not really intended for it to be,I hadn’t really thought of it as a post, however the Holy Spirit thought otherwise, when Cami received it she thought it was and well, you know the ending ….she posted it, and I am so glad she did..

    ” when I am weak He is made strong” God holds me together.. I love this Cami….

  4. ok now that is betta…lots o’ rest…i had a really bad back pain 2years ago and i was down in bed for two weeks…i still have it now…

  5. Always and always..
    Keeping you in my prayers, Carol!

    May your days be very happy
    May your life be free from cares…
    May our Blessed Lord
    Answer all your prayers!



  6. Hi again Carol…
    I was sitting in my back yard thinking about you and hoping it’s a good day for you…
    This little poem came to me…

    May your life be like a
    growing freely in the
    and joy of each day
    and may
    every teardrop
    become a star!


  7. I really am blessed to receive all your lovely well wishes for my recovery…Each day I am feeling better .. I have to just watch I don’t get too enthusiatic and wear myself down again…Thanks so very much you all are in my prayers..

    Love Carol

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