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Who Will Listen?

Expressions are like an ever-flowing stream
Falling freely through our environment,
Generously giving thoughts to our existence ~
It is the voice of many feelings;
The voice of the Spirit.

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There is a magical place
Where mist rises gradually,
A place where butterflies waltz
And nightingales sing;
Where you can be lulled to sleep
To the sounds of dripping water
Slipping downward to hanging gardens
Clothed in mosses and ferns.
Eavesdrop as the wind dances
Through open gorges
And whistles through ancient caves.
Sight the shadowy sunbeams of light
And come face to Face
With Majesty.

reference, “Majesty”

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The Path of God

The path winds through a forest’s intensity,
Its grandeur rising sky bound
Unveiling the light of God;
Opening visions of reality,
Fluttering hearts dancing,
Opening dreams of truth;
Playing songs of hope and peace…
God is there watching us,
Guiding us through the echoes
Of our thoughts that shine;
Releasing the music of the harmony
Of the Spirit within.
I walk the path feeling the way
To the dusk of magnificence.

Inspired by 4/16 MUFHH

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Summer Heat

The leaves are falling

Drifting in the hot wind to

Settle in far off lands…

To brown, die and crumble…

With flashing Lightening filling

The sky…

It strikes with fire explosion hot, burning heat

Black eucalyptus smoke spreading ash a hundred miles…

Flames jumping freeways…

Stampeding wildlife screaming escaping

Running for their lives

The brown earth swallowed up by red fire

Chard and left to smolder

To wait for a new season

Of new growth

New life

A new beginning

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Dare Say

Breathe deeply the word of God ~
Don’t dare say there is no God;
Don’t say you cannot feel God,
Don’t say you cannot see God ~
Say you can!