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Dare Say

Breathe deeply the word of God ~
Don’t dare say there is no God;
Don’t say you cannot feel God,
Don’t say you cannot see God ~
Say you can!


Carol was discovered by another writer, who is honored to share her works with you. In the fullness of time, Carol's musings, some of them written nearly twenty years ago, have emerged. She allows them to be shared with a still seeking and grateful heart.

10 thoughts on “Dare Say

  1. The first line caught my attention. “Breathe in the word of god” That we would be completely filled with it. Amen.
    Blessings always.


  2. yes carol, we can see good if we just have a look.

    one day a student came to the rabbi and asked, ” why is it that formerly there were people who looked at God face to face, but today we don’t seem to have any more such people?
    the rabbi answered, “Because no one wants to bow down that low.”

    –jewish anecdote

  3. Hi everyone, Thankyou all for visiting and for your comments……I pray you all have a Happy Easter.. Breathe deeply the word of God…

    Many Blessings

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