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Night Light

As daylight turns to dusk,
My thoughts fly light and free;
Watching the moonlight dancing
Across the exquisite star-filled sky.
The Voice in a gentle whisper
Beckons me to follow,
The Spirit soars above the earth;
I am at peace.

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All I Need

At times I am afraid of crumbling
To the pebbly ground…
The fear pounds deep inside my heart
Like a storm about to burst open,
As thunder rages heavily upon me.
I struggle with my burdens,
Left to reflect and fight the battle.

Like a swirling shadow,
Leaving footprints
And a chorus of song,
I am carried off to safety;
Feeling the warmth of the Light within.
With prayer, it is everything I need
It is all we need.

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“Just take My hand,
And let yours join with Mine
To be one;
Be strong.
Just glance over your shoulder,
I AM here”…

I have felt the oceans rising
In the midst of all my storms,
And Heard His voice speak,
“Be still!”
Now I see Jesus
Walking upon the waters,
Feeling his strength;
His hands join with mine
To become one.
I now recognize He’s been here
Beside me all along, each day growing
And enhancing my life…
Walking in His footsteps,
Singing “Hallelujah”
I have found Him!

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I saw beacons of liberty
Through the eyes of children…

A comforting smile
As I embraced an old man…

Twinkling Stars
In a clouded sky…

A crescent moon
Sitting on the horizon…

The sighting of God
At the beginning of the ocean….

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Never-ending Glory

I felt the morning sun
As it rose over the morning sky,
Watched stunning flowers explode in the sunlight,
Saw shadows from the clouds move leisurely by.
As I felt the earth spin around,
I stared to the heavens
And felt the spirit of the day;
What a lovely day…
This moment lasts forever.