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Disciple’s Lot

Every now and then it feels as though
I am a nomadic spirit;
Wandering throughout time
On an never-ending voyage ~
Seeking out the Lord,
Seeking out His touch
Listening to His word.

I feel the ache as it pounds my heart,
Knowing He calls me his own.
Through all life’s challenges
I am surrounded by His caring hands;
He comforts me,
Provides for all my needs
And blesses me with so much.

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Angel Aware

The Lord gave me tranquility last night,
He sent an angel from Heaven.
A halo of peace beckoned me,
Feathery wings lay upon my shoulder;
Delicate feathers spread a Holy embrace.
We walked amongst the garden
Greeted by silk white doves,
Accompanied with the sounds of divine music
Until the radiance of a new day.
My angel prepared her beaming wings,
Took flight and soared the majesty of skies.

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He’s Living In Me

The rain comes to an end
New sunbeams shine as the sun overflows

High in the heavens a rainbow settles
Majestically across the cleansed earth

Colours magnificently display an aura of peace
Announcing to the entire world

God is here…the Light is shining within

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More Faith

As the light of day turns to sunset,
With brushing wings they frolic…
Full of spirit and energy,
Dancing in Heaven’s awning,
Plummeting about on feathery clouds
And darting about like comets,
Eager to catch the sky…
Delicate fairies encase the earth
And whisper gentle assurance
Of God’s love.