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I Have Him!

I have reached my life’s purpose,
I’ve travelled a long journey…
From my being locked on the inside,
Searching out and seeking;
I have found the key to my Saviour!
The door to God has been opened,
I am no longer closed ~
Every moment of every day
I am open to the outside;
Feeling, knowing, touching
Breathing in the Spirit ~
Filling me up
His with love!

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Him and Me

“I painted the day,
Beginning with a sunrise
And ending with a sunset.
I coloured each minute
From the mountains
To the oceans.”

I captured the sound of the wind,
Felt the rain upon my face,
Smiled at the vision of a rainbow;
Closed my eyes and felt His embrace.
The vivid colours of my day
Remain to the end…painted.

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I have felt the Spirit beside me,
I’ve heard His voice from Heaven;
“All the beauty you see
I have given you…
Every minute of every day,
It is yours.”

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Greater Than the Storm

A storm hit with vengeance.
The night was black,
Thunder rumbled throughout the hours of darkness.
My heart beat like a drum, as the lightening flashed across the room,
Rain bounced off the outer walls…
I must face the storm on this dark and lonely night.
Pain and tears, a trial and testing of my faith;
I felt my strength was deserting me…
You still must face this storm, but I will grasp your hand,” a voice whispered.
So from beginning to end He guided me through my pain,
On the dark and lonely night.

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All His

Our feelings are like rainbows,
They are all shades of colours ~
Every colour is significant.
Let your feelings run true,
Mix the colours of your feelings
Like a symphony of Love;
Allow the Spirit to enter
Your inner being
With prayer and intercession.