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I Have Him!

I have reached my life’s purpose,
I’ve travelled a long journey…
From my being locked on the inside,
Searching out and seeking;
I have found the key to my Saviour!
The door to God has been opened,
I am no longer closed ~
Every moment of every day
I am open to the outside;
Feeling, knowing, touching
Breathing in the Spirit ~
Filling me up
His with love!


Carol was discovered by another writer, who is honored to share her works with you. In the fullness of time, Carol's musings, some of them written nearly twenty years ago, have emerged. She allows them to be shared with a still seeking and grateful heart.

9 thoughts on “I Have Him!

  1. Hello Carol: Thanks for stopping by on my Wordless Wednesday blog!! I could have used that BIG BOTTLE of white out when I was in high school learning how to type!! I am so happy that we do not have to do that anymore…With all of your writing of poems I know that you are very happy!! you write very nice…I wish i was that talented…Sandy

  2. Hi Carol–I love how you express youself through poetry. I am so glad that the key has been found and the God has opened the door. What a lovely way to express your journey and His love.

    Blessing to you,


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