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Carried Off

Before me,
Flocks of birds
Appeared as angels;
Enchanted secret songs whispered
Across the mirrored waters.
And high above the floating mountains
I gazed into silent stillness
To the kingdom of my dreams…
And there, with outstretched arms,
Delicate clouds opened up an arena
Of gleaming light:
Decorated completely with love,
This masterpiece of light and love
Carried me off to meet my King!

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The Highest and Best

Each step I climb
is steep and winding;
A pathway
leading me.
I travel this path
I will reach my purpose:
The Summit.

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It Is Good

I hear the sounds of the ocean’s voices…
The crashing of the surf roaring as it launches,
Reaching out to grasp the soft, dry sand;
Amidst the high voice of the waves
Their white breath of bubbles explode soft sounds,
As they are dragged back to the sea…
I feel the shifting sands crumble beneath my feet,
Dragging and pulling with all
Its strength beneath my toes…
I smell the crisp, misty salt air
As it floods into the atmosphere,
Before it gently drops upon my face…
And to the far horizon
I see the sky and sea
Join together, becoming one….