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How It Is

From heaven to the earth
Tiny drops of water
Fall silently,
Grasping at each other,
Dropping into creeks as tiny bubbles…
Their journey passing over
Miniature pebbles
And silky sand
Flowing leisurely
As it widens through the coolness
Of snow covered mountains.
Picking up speed
To flow through rapids
Into mighty rivers,
Tiny drops of rain from heaven
Following a path, growing in size,
Growing in strength…
To become one in
God’s enormous ocean.

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Heart’s Garden

There is a garden growing in my heart,
Where a seed has been planted.
I nurture it,
I tend to it,
I weed it.
As it receives rain
And sunshine
The seed grows…
It thrives
To feel,
To see,
To hear,
The voice of God.