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How It Is

From heaven to the earth
Tiny drops of water
Fall silently,
Grasping at each other,
Dropping into creeks as tiny bubbles…
Their journey passing over
Miniature pebbles
And silky sand
Flowing leisurely
As it widens through the coolness
Of snow covered mountains.
Picking up speed
To flow through rapids
Into mighty rivers,
Tiny drops of rain from heaven
Following a path, growing in size,
Growing in strength…
To become one in
God’s enormous ocean.


Carol was discovered by another writer, who is honored to share her works with you. In the fullness of time, Carol's musings, some of them written nearly twenty years ago, have emerged. She allows them to be shared with a still seeking and grateful heart.

12 thoughts on “How It Is

  1. This is fantastic! Your rhythm and word choices are so vivid. I love it. 🙂

    Hope you’re doing well!! Sorry it’s been so long since my last visit. Thinking of you and praying for you today.

  2. Hi, Tanya,

    Thank you for dropping by and thankyou for your prayers.

    My husband and I had a mini break away this week in The Southern Highlands of New South Wales. We hiked about many creeks and rivers, paddocks, and parks with gardens filled with tulips and crab apple trees covered in masses of cherry blossoms. I went a bit over board with pictures, however, I am sure they will inspire me to write some musings..

    I actually wrote this poem last week before my break….when I look at some of my pictures I can see those tiny bubbles journeying their way along…..I can imagine their delight when they reach the mighty oceans..

    Cami, you always just seem to know exactly the right time to post my sonnets, this one was spot on…..

  3. Hey, I like to think the Spirit is guiding me–I know He’s guiding you when you write! : ) If everyone could see the photos you took–wow!!!! I am definitely going to use some for the fairy blog I’m going to make you after we settle.

  4. oh carol…i love it. yeah…picking up speed, too.To flow through rapids Into mighty rivers…

    am so happy to know bout beatie. kookie’s cousin, ikki, in darwin will also have a pug meeting this sunday. it’s gonna be a pool party, too. hehehe. what a socialite they are hey…

    i have emailed you but it was sent back to me.
    i always have you in my prayers…

    misya and havaniceweekend.

  5. Its just lovely, a beautiful, inspirational thought nicely expressed…

    Thanks for sharing.

    Hope you are well dear 🙂

    Take care n loads of love


  6. Oohhh Cami, I can hardly wait for my fairy blog…..well, you know I can…I am very patient 🙂 😉

    Hi, Sheila, glad you dropped by, sorry about your emails getting returned, I don’t know what happened there. I sent you one today so I hope you receive it.You should be able to reply then..It will be nice to hear from you..

    Hi Samrina,
    It is always lovely to hear from you too, hope you are well also..I am feeling good at the moment..

  7. Beautiful motion. It’s like our journey on this earth as pilgrims. We’ll each add our part to the kingdom of God. For some reason, that’s what it made me think of. It was so cool and refreshing, reading this poem.
    Pray all is well with you and your family. Blessings.

  8. Hi Maxine, thankyou for your lovely comments, It is wonderful what each person can see in others words, I saw it as a journey also, for all life, for all of Gods creation..

    Hi, Jel, thankyou also for dropping by, sorry I haven’t been by you for sometime, I haven’t been doing much blogging at all….

    I am feeling much better and will be dropping by to visit all my favourites…

    Prayers to you all

  9. These poems are so beautiful. I just found them yesterday and I put this in my favourites. I am looking forward to reading all that you have written. God bless

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