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My Life Is In His Hands

In my Father’s Garden
Birds sing out praise to the skies,
Trees stretch with excitement;
Hugging the sound of all
God’s creatures.
Beds of flowers leap vigorously,
Raining vibrant, true colours.
Oceans blossom in stormy winds,
Clouds dance
With the breezes,
Stars illuminate brilliant lights
To shine down on me.

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From Long Ago

An ancient boundary fence
Lies broken and tattered,
A rusty gate stands ajar;
The worn out path of bygone days
Still welcomes visitors
To its peaceful refuge.
A lonely old bench waits alone,
Holding onto many secrets
And prayers of generations
That have come and gone.
White lilies and purple tulips
Envelope the path,
Wildflowers dance across
The meadows, capturing the warmth
From the spring sunshine.
Wisteria vines embrace
Ancient gum trees with tenderness,
Each branch reaching up to the sky;
Holding onto the gift of nature
God created long ago.