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My Secret Place With God

I have dreamt of magic far away places,
Of meeting new friends in far off lands;
Imagined secret thoughts of Heaven,
Stood on breathtaking mountains,
Felt the awesome love and power of creation ~
Touched new earth beneath my feet,
Watched as the sun rises to welcome
Brand new days…

I have cried tears of joy to see the moon
Light up the dark skies and display the magnificence
of the night,
Walked through fields of flowers,
Touched butterflies,
Swam the icy waters of rivers,
Felt the winds embrace me…

All these do not compare
To the joyfulness of the secret place
Within my heart
Where I feel the Spirit,
Where I hear God call,
“Come with me ~”

Yes, I see and feel His Spirit;
His mighty power,
And touch His unending love
My secret place with God

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His Refreshing

I Whisper to the wind
The secrets of my life.
Upon my lips
I receive His words,
Words Spoken;
Refreshment from God