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God Is

God is my power
God is my brightness
God is my protector

When I do not see, He shows me the way
When I do not hear, He corrects me
When I fall, He carries me

God is my lighthouse
God is my fountain
God is my saviour

He will not let me sink
He is the essence of my existence
His Love keeps me strong

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The Stroke of His Hand

With the stroke of His hand
God paints a moving,
Talking portrait.
He paints rainbows across the skies,
Highlights sun beams in rays of oranges and reds,
Forms spectacular moving clouds to float
Endlessly across the Universe.
In every tree, in every tiny bud
He sketches detail and colour.
Nature shares its magnificence
With wonderment as it blossoms,
Displaying beauty and perfection
Beyond description.
Hear the sounds God has painted;
Whispering in peaceful harmony
To scenic sounds of
His Creation ~
Painted with the stroke of His hand.