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His Hands

Put your hand in his

And you will always find

His great strength flow through

Your heart and mind

Remember him in all things

Big and small

His loving hands will not

Let you fall

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Ten Minutes in a Paddock


So peaceful is silence without the roar of trucks, buses and cars.

The pace of country life is so easy to bear.

To watch a sunset is magic….

I took ten minutes from my rushed life to sit and watch and breathe.

I saw…………….

Christmas beetles crackling

Amongst the leaves,

Baby Galahs screeching for food,

Magpies and wagtails

Nestling with their young.

Paddocks covered in

Masses of purple flowers,

And Thousands of bees swarming

Collecting their pollen.

Small clouds filtered

Throughout the aqua sky,

The potent sun’s reflection

Shone crimson and gold colours

Upon them lighting up the earth.

As the sun slowly disappeared,

The colours faded.

Down went the sun,

Away with its glow.

Gone for another day;

Darkness had fallen

The brilliant sunset

Gone until tomorrow…

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His Beating Heart

My eyes open to see a magnificent day

I feel the winds embrace me

His light radiates around my soul

It lifts me up and gives me strength

Listen to my heart,

It whispers Sounds of

His beating heart…