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Everyday, we catch a hint of God

Whether it be now or then

In a minute, or a second

In a passing light,

Or the darkness of night

God is in our shadows,

Walking in front,

By our side, all around us.

He is never absent.

With a whisper

And a touch of a soft breeze

He visits

With his  love.

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Journal entry dated 17/08/06


This morning I sat in the winter’s warmth on my back porch waiting for a load of washing to finish its cycle. On my lap sat my little flea infested pug, which snuggled and chewed on my pink and green frog pajamas, she lapped up my pats and affection.

I looked around at all the trees swaying in the wind; the sky had a mass of white snow clouds, it was not too cold, just comfortable enough for me to sit awhile.

All morning I had been questioning and feeling not quite myself…

I put my spare time to good use and reflected about these feelings; I reflected my thoughts to what was going on around me; the trees, the garden and birdlife.It was nothing new to me.

I wanted something much more;

So I closed my eyes … I became aware of the sounds around me;the rush of the wind blowing the leaves and making tinkling and natural sounds…the screeching crows and magpies fighting for their own domain.

In the distance I could hear school kids laughing.In no time at all these sounds faded and other sounds became louder much louder.

Many sounds, car horns, sirens, city sounds, busy sounds, sounds of rushing people…

Above all these every day sounds I could still hear His heart beating, and His voice speaking.

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An old Journal entry

I took this from an old journal dated 3/5/89

I remember it was Easter 1980; My first born was an 8 month old baby. We were staying at the Prince of Wales hospital, Sydney, she was having tests one of many. I fell in love with a child of 4, a boy, limp like a broken doll, his eyes dull not moving, his face grey.His skin wrinkled and old, his small frail body still, no sound from him, his skin purple.


His mother’s eyes were red and sore from too many tears.  She sat looking, holding him, she did not understand!

“Why him? Why him? Why not me?”

Her heart was full of love, her eyes were full of agony,

the child, her little boy of 4 was gone.

I mostly remember the eyes

The child’s eyes,

The mother’s eyes,

Dry from too many tears

From sadness, not laughter

This child I knew, I spoke with his mother, he was her only son, her only child. He would be 13 now. (1989) I can only imagine him being this tiny very blue little boy who struggled to live, endured numerous operations in his short life.

A very brave little boy,

A very courageous mum.

Knowing them has helped me to grow and be thankful for my own child’s recovery and her life.

There will always be room for special people in my heart and  I will always carry a memory of this little boy with me forever.


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A Lily From God

On Thursday 4th September at 10.09 am Sydney time We were blessed with the Arrival of Lillian Margaret Armstrong. She arrived 20 days early and although she is recorded as being a premmie baby she weighed in at 3.5 kilos ( 7lbs 7 ozs) and her length was 50cm (19.7 inches) She has a beautiful crop of thick blonde hair and is just the sweetest thing. I fell in love with her instantly. I am sure her great grandfather had something to do with her early arrival.