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Every Moment Thank God

Thank God
Thank God


Carol was discovered by another writer, who is honored to share her works with you. In the fullness of time, Carol's musings, some of them written nearly twenty years ago, have emerged. She allows them to be shared with a still seeking and grateful heart.

8 thoughts on “Every Moment Thank God

  1. Hello Carol,

    I have been wondering how you are! Hope you are well.

    What made you so quiet?

    Please post us some inspirational verses through your beautiful photography.

    Christian Greetings from Sydney.

  2. Hi, sorry I have been so quiet, just been really busy lately barely have time to sleep..

    Will try to get something posted shortly..

  3. Bonnie I have tried to leave you some comments at your blog, but for some reason, it freezes on me.. will keep trying..

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