I was touched by God, not only did He touch me, I saw him, in a manner of speaking…I saw him in this beautiful winters day…. it was magic, the sky was such a brilliant blue with pure white clouds slowly drifting by….The scenery was not what you would call super spectacular, in fact the grass was brown from the drought and crunchy to walk on …. The sun was just warm enough to keep me from being cold; I could hear the pine needles tinkling as the wind blew through them…That was the only sound I could hear; What hit me the most  was the gentleness of a soft breeze touching my face, the breeze so close I could taste it… and it was then I felt overwhelmed with the presence of God…My heart began to pound….And I felt an enormous amount of love enter my body, like, I was being lifted up…It was so strong I became filled up inside….All day I have felt like screaming out “God is here, look around you”….


P.S. To top off my walk, at the end of the path was a Mister Whippy Ice cream van with “Jesus Saves” on it’s bumper…..so not only did I enjoy my time with God, but also an ice cream with Jesus….


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